The right quality at the right time, the right food during the right season.


As one of Finland’s finest grocery wholesale suppliers, our aim is to always be available to all our customers. Every customer, regardless of size or field of business, shall feel welcomed to do business with us. With the help of our knowledge, flexibility and attention to detail, we want to aid you on the journey to success within your field. We want to provide our customers with a wide product range with something for everyone. As a Bergfalk customer, we want you to feel confident that your end products match the expectations of quality, care and traceability that your customers hold.


Together with our customers, we have developed a product range where sustainable development is key. Our products are carefully selected with the future in mind. We want the next generation to be able to enjoy the same rich variety of foods that we enjoy today. With a close and attentive relationship to our customer and their needs, we are constantly developing and fine-tuning our business. Do you want to join us on our journey?