Bergfalk’s environmental policy and goals 2017

We want to push the environmental development of our industry. We keep our minds open, and if we see a great idea, we will try to implement it, regardless if that idea comes from another company or from our own staff. Our environmental impact is to be kept at a minimum at all times.



We replace our transport fleet every three years. Thus, our transport vehicles are always at the forefront of the environmental development, and we drive competition in the car industry. We strive to use the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in every exchange, and our drivers receive training in eco-friendly driving.


Daily materials

All use of paper and cardboard is to be kept at a minimum. Instead of packing in cardboard, we strive to use reusable pallets. Our goal is to be a paper-free company. We strive to use e-mail for communication and store information electronically. We use water sparingly and use cleaning agents with as little environmental impact as possible.



Our staff continuously receives information about our environmental policy and endeavors. We encourage carpooling and supply employees with knowledge to make environmentally sound decisions in their own lives.



We strive to work with suppliers as geographically close to us as possible, to minimize our carbon footprint. We review our suppliers to make sure that they fit our standards of traceability and eco-friendliness. Our goal is to inspire suppliers to take steps towards a sustainable business development.



Through co-operation with competitors and colleagues, we wish to raise the importance of environmental issues from an internal matter to a mutual endeavor.



We want to increase the popularity of organic products. We work towards this goal by pricing organic products competitively, as well as by having a wide range of them in our product range at all times. We do not sell that products that obviously harm the environment.



We supply our clients with knowledge and information about environmental issues, including waste materials, reasonable consumption levels, and beneficial foods.



By keeping up with the latest information on environmental issues, we can work to affect them in a positive direction.

We currently carry the following certifications:

  • KRAV
  • MSC
  • ASC
  • IP (foodstuff).

We always welcome new ideas from clients, suppliers, and competitors. Our goal is to constantly improve our environmental policy with the help of information and innovation.



The Bergfalk family and friends